Julie Labelle

My name is Julie Labelle, Osteopath D.O, Pilates instructor, trainer and lecturer. I have been practicing my profession with passion for more than 20 years now! My curiosity leads me in constant search for new tools to propose to my clients for a path to better health.

My fascination with the human body began with dance, Pilates, massage and osteopathy. The techniques I propose and my approach both aim to improve your overall health. I take into consideration the techniques best suited for you during your visit according to your specific needs.

I created my first training titled ‘The Body; The Working Tool’, while I was still studying massage more than 20 years ago. I created this training in order to help my colleagues avoid injury while working long hours, so they can stay healthy.

Today, I want to offer more autonomy to my customers, while also providing answers, solutions, and sustainable well-being. I am very happy to share with you all my knowledge through personalized support. My ‘The Postures and Movements at Work’ training is the gift of a life I have created for you!

I offer osteopathy care, Pilates classes, and personalized support to allow you to manage your body to prevent injuries, improve your posture, and a multitude of other tools to ensure you can take care of yourself on a daily basis.

We look forward to seeing you!



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