Who Are we

Patricia Roy

Graduating from InterDec College in 1998, in Visual Presentation Design, Patricia has always had a passion for colors. Through her various jobs, she has put her passion to work as a window designer and colorist for a Benjamin Moore boutique. Customer service has always been her priority. In 2011, she began working as an artisan by creating jewelry, each piece more eccentric and personalized than the other. She also paints on glass and porcelain. In the same year, she registered her company. While working full-time in the field of painting, she creates and has fun with colors part-time. In 2015, she organized her first event and fell in love with it. Over the years, she has been able to create a name for herself in the community of craftsmen. A tightly woven circle of friends where artisans all have the same goal – to promote local products and promote local artists. For 5 years now, Patricia has been organizing the agora shows in partnership with the city of Châteauguay. These different experiences make Patricia the person who knows, who has lived, and who believes. In 2020, Marilyn and Patricia started their web platform project for craftsmen known as “Welcome to our home”, which aims to promote and showcase Quebec talent. The first edition of the Salon Bien-Être was meant to take place in 2020, but unfortunately the pandemic decided otherwise. Fortunately, this helped set the record straight and put priorities in the right place. Everything happens for a reason, because the Salon Bien-Être would not have had the same essence last year. Our 2021 show will be the first of a great adventure.
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